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Dading Machinery is a molding machine used for flanging winches.
The winch crimping machine is easy to operate and stable in operation. It adopts advanced hydraulic control technology and can efficiently curl and shape plates from 1 to 6 mm. In addition, the equipment is versatile and has pre-bending and forming functions, making it suitable for various workpiece processing scenarios. The curling fit is excellent, and combined with the high-hardness forming wheel, the curling effect is smoother and more uniform. The equipment adopts PLC molding control system, which is easy to master and ordinary workers can get started quickly. Through simple mold replacement, it can adapt to the processing needs of workpieces of different diameters and improve production efficiency and flexibility.
Shengde metal street sign flanging machine
The road sign hemming machine is a mechanical equipment specially used to process road signs of various shapes. It has a variety of features that make it efficient, precise and convenient in the road sign production process. First of all, the street sign hemming machine can process street sign workpieces in square, circular, triangular, hexagonal and other shapes. This means that no matter what shape of street signs you need to make, this machine can meet your needs. Its processing range is very wide and can be adapted to a variety of different work needs.
Conical Automatic Plate Winder
Conical Automatic Plate Winder is one kind of products of Dading.Automatic Plate Rolling Machine is China leading manufacturer of Dading,we are specialize in Dading.Please contact us if you need more information about Conical Automatic Plate Winder.
Disc Flanging Machine
Disc Flanging Machine is one kind of products of Dading.Flanging Machine is China leading manufacturer of Dading,we are specialize in Dading.Please contact us if you need more information about Disc Flanging Machine.

China Custom molding machinery Suppliers

In the metal processing industry, forming machinery plays a vital role. These machines can precisely shape metal materials to produce hardware products that meet the requirements of various applications. As a professional molding machinery customization service provider, we are committed to meeting the individual needs of our customers and creating unique hardware molding equipment for them.

Our services cover a wide range of customization areas for hardware forming equipment. No matter what type of molding machinery our customers need, we can provide them with satisfactory solutions with our rich experience and professional technology. Our products include but are not limited to spinning machinery, polishing machinery, pipe machinery, welding machinery, etc., covering all aspects of hardware forming.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we always insist on close communication and collaboration with our customers. At the beginning of the project, we will have an in-depth understanding of the customer's production needs, process flow, and equipment usage environment. Through full discussions and communication with customers, we can better understand their needs and provide them with targeted customized solutions.

During the customization process, we pay attention to details and quality. From equipment design, material selection, manufacturing to assembly, debugging, etc., we strictly control all aspects to ensure that product performance and quality meet customer expectations. In addition, we also have a professional after-sales service team to provide customers with timely equipment maintenance and technical support to ensure the stable operation and long-term use of the equipment.

Customized molding machinery can not only help customers improve production efficiency and reduce costs, but also bring unique competitive advantages to their products. Our customized services have been successfully used in many industries, such as automobiles, electronics, home appliances, construction, etc. By cooperating with us, customers can not only obtain satisfactory molding machinery products, but also enjoy the full range of technical support and services we provide.