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dd-flanging machine
1. The advancement and retreat of each workstation is driven by a servo motor; 2. With the molding configuration saving function, you only need to call up the program when replacing workpieces (greatly reducing the difficulty of debugging, saving debugging time, and enhancing the consistency of the production products). 3. Add pre-bending function when crimping to improve the yield when rolling stainless steel. 4. The spindle is equipped with a high-power servo motor and a star reducer to improve punching efficiency and indexing accuracy. 5. The flange width adjustment adopts a stepped module, the flanging width is more stable, and the adjustment method saves time. 6. The use of a corner-type star reducer makes the machine lower in height and more efficient in operation.
Dading Machinery supplies automatic air guide ring spinning machine
This machine adopts a fully automatic hydraulic drive system, which is driven by an electric motor to produce stable rotational motion, ensuring a smooth spinning process with almost no impact and vibration. Therefore, the spun parts have high surface finish and uniform deformation, completely avoiding quality problems such as tearing. Its stability and ease of operation make it favored by manufacturers of air conditioners, heat pumps, centrifugal fans, radiators, etc. In addition, this machine shows obvious advantages in processing the expansion and valgus or closing inversion of various types of thin-walled hollow parts. The automatic internal spinning machine is specially designed for the internal spin forming of the air inlet reinforcement plate of air conditioning ventilators. Its unique feature is that the plate is fixed and the spinning wheel performs spinning operation inside the plate, which can spin multiple holes in a single plate. The equipment adopts automatic control and can handle straight edge, arc edge and other spinning needs.
Dading Machinery produces and sells CNC spinning machines for air deflectors
SD-NX-1600 CNC internal spinning machine is specially designed for spinning the inner hole of the reinforced plate of the air inlet of air conditioning ventilator. The feature of this machine is that the plate is fixed and the spinning wheel works inside the plate. Multiple holes can be spun on the plate in a single operation. The equipment adopts CNC technology and can accurately handle complex curve spinning requirements such as straight edges and arc edges.
Dading Machinery Model 400 double-wheel pipe hot spinning machine
The "hot spinning" process is a process of heat treating metal rotating parts on a spinning machine. In this process, the high temperature of a torch is precisely applied to the workpiece, and the metal begins to shape under the action of a spinning wheel. This is because the professional tools on the spinning machine adhere closely to the heated metal surface, causing it to deform while spinning. After this step, the part can be shaped or necked to a smaller diameter as required. Remarkably, precise shaping of seamless shoulders can be achieved by applying only moderate amounts of force.
Four-roller CNC plate rolling machine produced by Dading Machinery
Features of four-roller CNC plate rolling machine The four-roller CNC plate bending machine is an advanced equipment in the field of metal processing and has the characteristics of high-precision control, high efficiency and flexibility, stability and reliability, and easy operation and maintenance. The equipment adopts an advanced CNC system, which can accurately control the plate rolling process, improve product quality and stability, reduce the scrap rate, and bring economic benefits to the enterprise. The four-roller CNC plate rolling machine adapts to the needs of metal coils of different specifications and materials. Adjusting the roller spacing and angle can easily realize the processing of metal coils of different thicknesses and widths. The CNC system supports multiple programming methods to improve production efficiency and flexibility. The equipment pays attention to stability and reliability, using high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure long-term stable operation. Equipped with a complete fault detection and alarm system to detect and deal with problems in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progress of the production process. The operation interface is user-friendly and the control system is intelligent, allowing users to easily complete the plate rolling operation. The equipment has automatic fault diagnosis and prompt functions, reducing maintenance costs and time costs. In summary, the four-roller CNC plate bending machine has broad application prospects and market demand in the field of metal processing, and will continue to play an important role in creating greater value for enterprises.
Dading Machinery is a molding machine used for flanging winches.
The winch crimping machine is easy to operate and stable in operation. It adopts advanced hydraulic control technology and can efficiently curl and shape plates from 1 to 6 mm. In addition, the equipment is versatile and has pre-bending and forming functions, making it suitable for various workpiece processing scenarios. The curling fit is excellent, and combined with the high-hardness forming wheel, the curling effect is smoother and more uniform. The equipment adopts PLC molding control system, which is easy to master and ordinary workers can get started quickly. Through simple mold replacement, it can adapt to the processing needs of workpieces of different diameters and improve production efficiency and flexibility.
Dish End Hydraulic Press
1. Full CNC control, only need to call the preset program to realize the edge spinning operation. 2. The precise control of the movement accuracy of each axis by the servo motor ensures high diameter accuracy and excellent consistency in product processing. 3. The equipment has a one-button start function and is easy to operate. Only one operator can easily manage two machines, thus significantly reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency. 4. After precision design and manufacturing, the head forming machine exhibits excellent performance in producing parts with precise dimensions and stable quality. This machine has the ability to achieve tight tolerances, ensuring every part meets established specifications. This high level of accuracy reduces error rates and significantly reduces the need for costly rework due to non-compliance with standards. 5. Improve production efficiency: With its excellent production efficiency, the head forming machine helps manufacturers achieve the manufacturing of large quantities of components in a short time. Its automated operation process and fast cycle operation mechanism greatly optimize productivity, thereby reducing manufacturing costs and shortening the production cycle. 6. Versatility and flexibility: The head forming machine can adapt to a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper and various alloys. They can easily shape complex geometries such as heads, threads, flanges and collars. This versatility enables manufacturers to create custom components to meet specific requirements. 7. Save material and reduce waste: By leveraging the precise molding capabilities of these machines, manufacturers can minimize material waste. Efficient use of raw materials not only reduces costs but also promotes sustainability by minimizing environmental impact.
适合初学者的 CNC 碟形端制造
1. Full CNC control, only need to call the preset program to realize the edge spinning operation. 2. The precise control of the movement accuracy of each axis by the servo motor ensures high diameter accuracy and excellent consistency in product processing. 3. The equipped turning device can not only complete turning operations, but also has the ability to chamfer the workpiece. 4. In order to ensure the smooth installation and disassembly of the mold, the mold installation rack needs to be properly configured to improve operating efficiency and convenience. 5. Configure workpiece loading bracket 6. The equipment has a one-button start function and is easy to operate. Only one operator can easily manage two machines, thus significantly reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.
SD-1500-6 four-roller bending machine
Our new 4-roller line offers many advantages. It is the easiest to use hydraulic press brake, thanks to the ability to clamp the plate between two motorized center rollers, pre-bend at the ends, and bend in one direction and through the entire body in one pass. Due to the constant squeezing of the center roller, the board remains square without slipping during pre-bending and bending cycles. This makes our 4-roller machines ideally suited to be controlled by NC or CNC. This machine is reliable and effective. The parallelism of the side rollers is controlled by a torsion bar system attached to both ends of the side rollers, eliminating the disadvantages of additional encoders and special hydraulic balancing valves. The two center rollers are driven by hydraulic motors and efficient planetary gearboxes coupled directly to the rollers. The MG solution assembles the rollers on sealed bearings without auxiliary parts, which reduces the dispersion of applied forces caused by friction of various components (commonly used in synchronization systems of other press brakes). The side rollers move up and down on planetary oscillating guides: the perfect geometry eliminates the disadvantages of linear gears. This allows us to have hydraulic pumps with lower flow motors, thus saving energy.
Flanging and punching machine SD-3000-2
1.Flanging machine is especially designed for the construction of axial fans body and for the construction of piping for ventilation. 2.It execute ribbing, flanging, punching and beading (stiffening of flange) on ferrule / duct. 3.Machine do all the working operations with only one positioning of piece. 4.Ferrule is clamped directly on the spindle through an expansion tool which is provided with interchangeable segments that can be easily manufactured. 5.Quick tool and segments change. 6.Cycle programming is very fast and simple. 7.Alignment of punched holes with laser projector.
Shengde metal street sign flanging machine
The road sign hemming machine is a mechanical equipment specially used to process road signs of various shapes. It has a variety of features that make it efficient, precise and convenient in the road sign production process. First of all, the street sign hemming machine can process street sign workpieces in square, circular, triangular, hexagonal and other shapes. This means that no matter what shape of street signs you need to make, this machine can meet your needs. Its processing range is very wide and can be adapted to a variety of different work needs.
Sidley lifting linear welding machine
Application scope: The lifting type straight seam welding machine tool is mainly suitable for straight seam butt welding of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal workpieces and thin plate workpieces. The structural forms of workpieces that can be clamped and welded by the straight seam welding machine include: metal sheets, cylindrical workpieces, conical cylinders, truncated cones, as well as box-shaped structures, flat plate splicing joints, etc.