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SD-1500-6 four-roller bending machine
Our new 4-roller line offers many advantages. It is the easiest to use hydraulic press brake, thanks to the ability to clamp the plate between two motorized center rollers, pre-bend at the ends, and bend in one direction and through the entire body in one pass. Due to the constant squeezing of the center roller, the board remains square without slipping during pre-bending and bending cycles. This makes our 4-roller machines ideally suited to be controlled by NC or CNC. This machine is reliable and effective. The parallelism of the side rollers is controlled by a torsion bar system attached to both ends of the side rollers, eliminating the disadvantages of additional encoders and special hydraulic balancing valves. The two center rollers are driven by hydraulic motors and efficient planetary gearboxes coupled directly to the rollers. The MG solution assembles the rollers on sealed bearings without auxiliary parts, which reduces the dispersion of applied forces caused by friction of various components (commonly used in synchronization systems of other press brakes). The side rollers move up and down on planetary oscillating guides: the perfect geometry eliminates the disadvantages of linear gears. This allows us to have hydraulic pumps with lower flow motors, thus saving energy.
Disc Type Conical Plate Rolling Machine
Disc Type Conical Plate Rolling Machine is one kind of products of Dading.Automatic Plate Rolling Machine is China leading manufacturer of Dading,we are specialize in Dading.Please contact us if you need more information about Disc Type Conical Plate Rolling Machine.

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