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Vertical Edge Rolling Machine
  • Vertical Edge Rolling Machine
Vertical Edge Rolling Machine

Vertical Edge Rolling Machine

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Equipment Description:

The Vertical Edge Rolling Machine is a powerful and versatile tool used in metalworking for bending and shaping metal sheets or plates. As a crucial component in the sheet and plate rolling industry, Plate Rolling Machine Manufactory and suppliers have been striving to produce and offer advanced and reliable machines to their customers.

With the Vertical Edge Rolling Machine, manufacturers and suppliers can provide their customers with precise and efficient rolling processes, thus increasing production capacity and meeting the high demand for custom metal fabrication. This tool uses advanced technology to roll sheets and plates with great precision, producing high-quality end products consistently.

In summary, the Vertical Edge Rolling Machine is a vital solution for metalworking, Plate Rolling Machine Manufactory and Plate Rolling Machine suppliers play an important role in providing high-quality and updated machines to meet the needs of different businesses.


Equipment parameters:

1. Power supply type: 380v three-phase four-wire (foreign countries can customize the power supply type)
2. Equipment power: main motor 11kw oil pump motor: 3kw total power 14kw
3. Equipment size: 1800x1000x1900 (length, width and height) mm
4. Equipment weight: 1.2t
5. Control mode: plc + touch screen
6. Drive mode: hydraulic + electric
7. Processing cylinder length: 1200MM
8. Processing cylinder diameter: 150-1000mm
9. Processing material thickness: iron 0-3MM stainless steel: 0-2MM aluminum 0-3MM
10. Characteristics of the equipment
Advantages: high efficiency of rolled edge, smooth circumference after rolled edge.
Disadvantages: each specification workpiece need to replace the mold
11. Production efficiency: 30/sec pieces
12. Operation mode: manual / automatic (automatic can start one piece)
13. Equipment function: replace different modules can be completed: indentation, crimping, roll inside and outside edge, inside flap and other functions.

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