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Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine
  • Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine
Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine

Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine

Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine is one kind of products of Dading.CNC Polishing Machine is China leading manufacturer of Dading,we are specialize in Dading.Please contact us if you need more information about Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine.
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Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine Description:

1. Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine is specially designed for Venturi Valve product surface drawing. Clear and uniform texture on the drawing surface. Good surface gloss. According to the user’s need to replace different consumables can achieve the required drawing effect.

2. Mature G code programming method, the running trajectory of the sanding belt can be straight line, circular arc, multi-circular arc, curve, etc., input into the computer.

3. The operator can input the process parameters and spinning trajectory through the keyboard and operation panel, and can edit, store and call at will.

4. The equipment can pause the feed speed and spindle speed in the automatic program. It is equipped with stroke limit protection, software and hardware limit protection in the control system, fault detection and alarm function.

5. Automatic fault detection, automatic diagnosis and overload protection functions for each unit after power on.

6.The CNC Drawing Machine suppliers can realize the spinning and forming of various shaped parts according to the user’s requirements. CNC Drawing Machine manufacturer ensure that the workpiece’s shape surface, diameter, thinning rate and other related dimensions meet the requirements.

Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine Practical Scope:

mainly used in irregular hardware products can be surface drawing

1. Ventilation equipment industry: venturi valve stainless steel air inlet front plate

2. Hardware furniture industry: horn plate, table rubber, panel and other accessories

3. Kitchenware industry: teapots, pots, pans, cups, etc.

Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine Parameters:

1. Power supply type: 380V three-phase four-wire

2. Equipment power: 11.5kw

3. Equipment specification: 2500x1500x1700(MM)

4. Sanding belt length and width: 2100x50MM

5. Control mode: G code programming

6. Drive mode: servo

Venturi Valve CNC Drawing Machine

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