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HomeProducts CNC Spinning Machine Dading Machinery produces and sells CNC spinning machines for air deflectors
Dading Machinery produces and sells CNC spinning machines for air deflectors
  • Dading Machinery produces and sells CNC spinning machines for air deflectors
Dading Machinery produces and sells CNC spinning machines for air deflectors

Dading Machinery produces and sells CNC spinning machines for air deflectors

SD-NX-1600 CNC internal spinning machine is specially designed for spinning the inner hole of the reinforced plate of the air inlet of air conditioning ventilator. The feature of this machine is that the plate is fixed and the spinning wheel works inside the plate. Multiple holes can be spun on the plate in a single operation. The equipment adopts CNC technology and can accurately handle complex curve spinning requirements such as straight edges and arc edges.
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2. NC numerical control system control and servo hydraulic drive are undoubtedly one of the most advanced equipments on the market. This machine not only has advanced structure and superior performance, but also is extremely efficient, always maintaining a leading position in the industry.

3. The stability of the machine is excellent. Whether it is a curved edge or a straight edge, it can maintain stable and efficient operation. All moving parts are driven by servo to ensure the operation accuracy of the mechanism and the consistency of the product. At the same time, the adjustable clamping pressure (or tension) design effectively avoids wrinkles on the workpiece and deformation of the material, greatly improving production efficiency and yield.

4. The machine is very intelligent. Equipped with a program configuration saving function, when replacing workpieces, only the corresponding program needs to be called up, which greatly reduces the difficulty of debugging and saves debugging time. In addition, this feature also enhances the consistency of produced products and brings great convenience to production.

5. In terms of device design, this machine also performs well. The four-column guide slider and the slider fixed mold method effectively reduce the swing of the rotating test workpiece and improve the processing accuracy and product consistency of the product.

6. The machine is rich in functions and can meet the various needs of customers. It can perform vertical edge rotation, bell mouth, expansion and curling when changing the mold.

7. In general, this fully CNC-driven internal rotation machine combines stability, efficiency, intelligence, user-friendly device design and excellent power system, making it your ideal choice in the field of internal rotation. .

8. A new type of rolling mill bearing is adopted. This bearing adopts international advanced technology and is developed by Harbin Bearing Factory according to international advanced standards to fill the domestic gap. The bearing has long service life and saves energy. Moreover, the main shafts of this machine all use new rolling mill rolling bearings, which reduce the main transmission power, have long service life, small friction resistance, and greatly improve the non-slip conditions.

9. In terms of the operation interface of the equipment, the internal rotation machine adopts a humanized design, making the operation process easier. Equipped with a high-definition screen and operation buttons, users can easily set parameters and monitor equipment. In addition, the equipment also has automatic fault diagnosis function, which can send out alarms in time when a fault occurs, greatly reducing the difficulty and time of maintenance.

10. In terms of safety, this device has also been fully considered. Multiple safety protection measures are adopted, such as emergency stop buttons, overload protection devices, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel during operation. At the same time, the overall structure of the equipment is solid and has good stability and durability, which greatly reduces the failure rate and maintenance costs.


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