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Shengde Company launches three-wheel CNC spinning machine
  • Shengde Company launches three-wheel CNC spinning machine
Shengde Company launches three-wheel CNC spinning machine

Shengde Company launches three-wheel CNC spinning machine

The three-wheel high-power spinning machine is mainly used for thinning or thickening the thickness of cylindrical parts and the spinning forming of some small-diameter thick plates. It can also be used for surface spinning hardening treatment of some workpieces. The equipment has the characteristics of high rigidity and high precision, and can process precision cylindrical parts, high-pressure gas cylinders, servo hydraulic cylinders, engine housings, etc.
The 3 spinning wheels are arranged at 120 degrees, and the overall structure of the spinning wheel seat has a reasonable spinning force bearing capacity. The three wheels of the equipment can operate independently, and can also perform forward spinning, reverse spinning, staggered spinning (select configuration), etc. The spindle has an angle directional stop function, which is convenient for mold disassembly and assembly, and supports special forming processes. There are two ways of spindle center unloading and slide unloading.
The equipment adopts the latest technology and standard components to ensure low use and maintenance costs under the condition of efficient production.
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The three-wheel spinning machine has complete and reliable safety protection measures to prevent misoperation or accidents from damaging personnel, machine tools, and workpieces. The safety and environmental protection standards comply with the relevant management regulations of the Chinese state. The parts and instrument measurement units of the spinning machine all adopt the International System of Units (SI).

1.2.1 The user operation interface adopts the Chinese/English standard interface, and the processing program adopts the ISO standard (G, M) code programming.

1.2.2 The Guangzhou CNC 998 CNC system provides real-time position tracking and display of the lateral and longitudinal movement of the spinning wheel, and the speed of the spinning workpiece pass is displayed in real time on the user interface.

1.2.3 The user can operate the longitudinal and lateral advance and retreat, material withdrawal movement, tail top movement and top tightening of the machine tool in JOG mode.

1.2.4 The CNC system has industrial Ethernet (LAN) and USB interfaces, which can be connected to other computers for data exchange.

1.2.5 The lubrication system of the spinning machine includes circulating thin oil lubrication, oil immersion lubrication and timed quantitative thin oil lubrication. The spindle adopts circulating thin oil lubrication. The lubrication system works in advance when the spindle rotates to ensure the lubrication of the spindle bearings and gears; the tail top assembly, the rotating wheel assembly, etc. adopt oil immersion lubrication; the transmission parts such as the equipment guide rail pair adopt timed quantitative lubrication. The lubrication system has observation and monitoring functions.

1.2.6 The hydraulic system of the spinning machine is an independent working unit and is centrally configured. The system is equipped with a constant pressure variable pump for centralized oil supply. The system uses pressure reducing valves and throttle valves to achieve pressure and speed regulation of multiple working circuits, and the system oil supply scheme is efficient and energy-saving. The hydraulic system has a monitoring function, and the output pressure, oil temperature and oil cleanliness of each circuit are monitored by various special instruments. The system has an automatic fault alarm function. When a fault occurs, the system can automatically stop and alarm, and diagnose the cause of the fault.

1.2.7 The spinning machine is equipped with an emergency stop switch on the operating table. After the emergency stop switch on the operating table is activated, the machine tool servo feed stops, the spindle stops rotating, and the processing program stops working.

1.2.8 The machine tool spindle drive system and hydraulic system are equipped with overload protection function. When the machine tool is overloaded, the system can automatically alarm and stop, and display fault information. The CNC system power module has overvoltage, overcurrent and other protection functions. The hydraulic pump soft starter has overvoltage, overcurrent, lack of phase and other protection functions. The control power supply has input voltage too high, too low, output short circuit and other protection.

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