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Vibrating Screen Low Barrel Corrugated Forming Machine
  • Vibrating Screen Low Barrel Corrugated Forming Machine
Vibrating Screen Low Barrel Corrugated Forming Machine

Vibrating Screen Low Barrel Corrugated Forming Machine

Vibrating Screen Low Barrel Corrugated Forming Machine is one kind of products of Dading.Corrugated Forming Machine is China leading manufacturer of Dading,we are specialize in Dading.Please contact us if you need more information about Vibrating Screen Low Barrel Corrugated Forming Machine.
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Equipment Description:

The Vibrating Screen Low Barrel Corrugated Forming Machine is a top-choice for manufacturers of corrugated paperboard. This machine is designed with advanced technology and features a vibrating screen that evenly distributes the pulp on the forming belt. The low barrel design provides excellent shaping capabilities while minimizing energy consumption. As renowned Corrugated Forming Machine makers, we are committed to providing high-quality machines to meet the demands of our clients. Our Corrugated Forming Machine distributors are strategically located around the world, enabling us to efficiently deliver our machines to clients worldwide. Our Corrugated Forming Machine makers are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring the production of durable and reliable machines.


Equipment parameters:

Total power of equipment9.2kw
Processing diameter (mm)150-600
power type380v three-phase four-wireProcessing length (mm)Within 1200
Equipment Specifications1600x800x2600Processing thickness (mm)Stainless steel 1.0 2 layers
equipment weight1.2Tdevice functionExpansive
control methodPlc
wave heightwithin 35
drive modeElectro-hydraulic drive
wave distanceArtifacts need to be set
Operation interfacetouch screen

hydraulic pressure31.5mpa

Compared with the traditional hydraulic forming equipment, the bellows mechanical forming has the following advantages: 1. The cost of the mold is low (ordinary one only needs to be a car). The more, the higher the corrugation, the wave height can be set arbitrarily) 3. The number of corrugations of the expansion type can be set arbitrarily (the number of corrugations that need to be expanded can be set in the system parameters) 4. The computer control of the whole machine saves the debugging time of the equipment. 5. The diameter range of the expansion type is large (150-600MM, 300-1500mm, 600-3000MM) 6. The thickness of the expansion type can reach 10MM 7. The operation is simple, and ordinary workers can operate it. 8. The equipment is used for 8-10 years

vibrating screen low barrel corrugated forming machine

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