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Gas Cylinder Shrinkage Spinning Machine
  • Gas Cylinder Shrinkage Spinning Machine
Gas Cylinder Shrinkage Spinning Machine

Gas Cylinder Shrinkage Spinning Machine

Gas Cylinder Shrinkage Spinning Machine is one kind of products of Dading.CNC Spinning Machine is China leading manufacturer of Dading,we are specialize in Dading.Please contact us if you need more information about Gas Cylinder Shrinkage Spinning Machine.
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Product Description:

1. The spinning machine has mature CAD drawing and programming software function, the motion trajectory of the spinning wheel can be straight line, circular arc, multi-arc connecting line and combined curve, etc., and input into the computer for standardized programming.
2. Spinning Machine suppliers can input the process parameters and spinning passages through the keyboard and operation panel, and can edit, store and recall them at will.
3. The Gas Cylinder Shrinkage Spinning Machine has a “copy” protection function for the core mold profile, i.e. the runner will not collide with the core mold during the process adjustment and recording and teaching.
4. The feed speed and spindle speed can be suspended in the automatic program of the machine. Equipped with stroke limit protection, software and hardware limit protection in the control system, fault detection and alarm function.
5. Equipped with automatic fault detection, automatic diagnosis and overload protection for each unit at startup.
6. Spinning Machine manufacturer can realize the spinning and forming of various special-shaped parts according to the user’s requirements, and ensure that the shape, diameter, thinning rate and other related dimensions of the workpiece meet the requirements.
7. The functions of trimming, flanging, crimping, indenting and rolling can be done on the same machine.

Product parameters:

Power TypeAC 380vMaximum Spinning Product Diameter600
Spindle Speed0-500 rpm/minSpinning thickness (iron plate)6
Air Pressure0.5-0.8MpaSpinning thickness (aluminum plate)15MM
Spindle Center Height300MMSpinning thickness (stainless steel plate)3
Axial Travel600mmMaximum Spinning Product Height1500
Radial Travel400MMPressing powerhydraulic
Tail Top StrokeNoneControl SystemDeans
Positioning Accuracy0.02mmSpinning structurehorizontal
Automatic Refueling SystemAC220V 25W1warranty period1 year
Tool Position Can Be Installed1x=1Servo typeAbsolute value servo
InputHandwheel Teaching/CAD Drawingequipment weight15000KG
Equipment Dimensions4200x3200x2200Die Mounting ThreadFlange installation
Uses: This machine is suitable for shrinking and sealing the pipes of gas cylinders.

Advantages: This equipment can spin in two rounds, which can improve production efficiency. The two wheels can also be fed at the same time, so that the workpiece can be rotated symmetrically. It can also use four linkage functions, one-round spinning, one-round blocking and other functions, equipped with automatic heating device, can spin thicker and more difficult-to-process materials.

Gas Cylinder Shrinkage Spinning Machine

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